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Hi this is Taco Verhoef,

I want to introduce you “Buyer Listbuilding Bonanaza” and share with you 100% on F/E and 50% on the OTO’s, while building new friendships and JV partners.

I have worked very hard to make and bring Buyer Listbuilding Bonanza in the marketplace.

It is a high quality product that teaches your list how to build that most wanted buyer list. It provides value and can help all of your customers start building or growing their list with targeted leads that buy and start them earning a monthly income.

But to make it happen I want you on board. I don’t care if you can bring only 1 sale or 100. I want you on board and in my friend and jv list.


If you can get 1 sale it’s ok. That is why I have built such a high quality product, jv tools and a high converting funnel.


Just below you can see how the sales funnel flows. 

F/E $ 17,-


OTO1 - $ 59,-

Downsell $ 39,-


OTO2 $ 197,-

after a week it goes up to $ 297,-


OTO2 Downsell

$ 99,95

after a week it will go up to $ 147,-


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Email 1

SUBJECT: How To Build Your Own Email List Within 24 Hours From Now…


When I first started out online, I believed that having an email list was “optional” and I used the excuse that I “didn’t have

a list” over and over again, without actually doing anything about it.

This meant I was stuck in the same rut for years, and was constantly looking for the next buck.

Then, as soon as I started to build a list of loyal subscribers (everyone starts from zero!) – that’s when my income skyrocketed!

It’s no coincidence – the money IS in the list!

So if you do nothing else this week I strongly

recommend you grab this and start going through

it right away:

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It’s created by Taco Verhoef, and he reveals mastered list building from trial and error

… And gained a loyal email list which is very responsive and you can do the same too….

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This is NOT another fly-by-night “loophole” or “trick”.

It’s a solid, proven system, explained in a “newbie-friendly” way – and he actually guarantees your list building success!

See it here:

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Talk soon!


Email 2

SUBJECT: Haven’t cracked list building? Here’s why…


So you’ve heard the saying a thousand times…


This is 100% true. Problem is there’s never been a product out there that as given you EVERYTHING you need to build a huge and receptive list…

… Until now.

Check this out:

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Every “list building” product I’ve come across has always given you step 1,2 and 4, completely skipping step 3 – which is usually the BIGGEST step you need for success.

This is definitely not the case with Taco Verhoef’s Ultimate Buyer List Building Bonanza program.

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Email 3

SUBJECT: you shouldn’t be reading this? (you should be writing it)



The very fact that you’re reading this message shows the power

of e-mail marketing…

And don’t you want to be on the RIGHT side of the rainbow?

Writing the e-mails that create cash on demand…

…to a large, responsive list who buys what you’re selling…

Making you the easiest, fastest, most consistent money to be made


If that sort of on-demand traffic and cash interests you at all,

go here right now:

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This guy is giving away the keys to the kingdom when it comes to

list building…

…even if you’ve never done ANYTHING like it before,

he guarantees it’ll work…

Satisfy your curiosity and check it out right now:

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Email 4

SUBJECT: Newbie To List Building Pro – This is for YOU!



It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or today is your first day online – if you want to start list building the RIGHT WAY …

… This is for you:

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Talk soon,


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Week winner with most sales wins $ 200, min sales 50.                  

Second place week winner wins $ 100, min sales irrelevant, will random be drawn from the pool of affiliates who make sales, so even with 1 sale you could win this price. Am I awsome, lol.          

Tirth place week winner wins $ 50, min sales 10.

Fourth and fifthe place wins $10, no minimal sales.

Sixt till tenth place win free coaching.

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