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ATTENTION: Are YOU Still Sitting On The Fence When It Comes To Building Your First Sales Funnel? Or Are You Still Struggling Like CRAZY To Make Any Real Decent Money From Them After Buying Solo Ads & Alike?

STOP Wasting Your Time & Money & Steal My PROVEN Sales Funnel FORMULA That CanSLAM $100 + Payments Into Your Bank Account Every Single Day Like Clockwork!

If you currently rely on TRAFFIC that has anything to do with SEO, FREE Traffic only methods, Google or having to SUCK UP to your Affiliates then you're running the RISK of putting your business in the hands of others and going BROKE!

At the end of the day your whole business revolves around TRAFFIC right?

And if it's OUT OF YOUR CONTROL then what's the point in pretending YOU own a business in the first place.


...It's as if you are handing over the KEYS of your business to someone who doesn't CARE in the slightest whether it flourishes or goes completely by the WAY SIDE!

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,

Not so long ago one of my BEST performing SEO ranked blog pages suddenly STOPPED receiving traffic from Google after yet another one of their CRAZY updates.

But do you know what? I was ACTUALLY GLAD about it.


Yes that's right and I'll tell you why. IT SHOWED ME that my decision to NOT TO go all inwith the SEO strategy in my business was a correct one.

And.......Deciding to go with this EXACT BUSINESS MODEL that I'm about to share with you has been the WISEST business decision I've ever possibly made!

I've almost COMPLETELY SWITCHED my business around from using just FREE traffic methods to using mostly PAID TRAFFIC to send to my SALES FUNNELS or any other part of my business I so please.

Relying on Google would have cost me my BUSINESS due to all of the updates that seem to occur without any prior warning.

But luckily I managed to SWITCH OVER my traffic to mainly PAID sources just in time or else just like so many others out there I would have been in the...


Please allow me to ASK YOU these very important questions - Do they apply to YOU?

If so, I think you're business is either in BIG TROUBLE or at least going nowhere FAST!

1. Are you currently paying for traffic like "Solo Ads" and seeing very little to NO RESULTS and feel like you're banging your head against a brick wall?

2. Are you having to rely on Google, SEO, Affiliates or any other form of FREE traffic and feel like you're the only one who isn't getting the RESULTS you feel you deserve?

3. Are you currently SPENDING an INSANE amount of TIME on FREE traffic methods so you can add FRESH LEADS into your business but find yourself seeing ONLY a handful of leads enter your business every single week?

4. Have you SPENT MONTHS on trying to make FREE traffic methods work HARD for you and your business but haven't yet seen any where near the RESULTS you were promised by the GURU'S out there?

IF you answered 'YES' to any of those questions then you're DEFINITELY going to want to take a look at my latest brain child solution creation........


Sales Funnel Bonanaza Coaching

This is the EXACT Sales Funnel FORMULA I personally use to GROW my BUYERS lists, add new members into my "Recurring Paying" membership sites, BANK consistent PROFITSevery time I BUY my traffic and TEACH to my ONE TO ONE personal coaching clients too!

I'm going to REVEAL the WHOLE system to you step by step so YOU can FINALLY FREE yourself from having to rely on "FAIRY STORY" made up traffic systems that simply don't WORK and only end up leaving YOU BROKE.

This time tested SALES FUNNEL system will allow you to FOCUS 100% on what really matters in your business too which is......Turning your investment into REAL PROFITS!

"Okay this all sounds good and well but what's in it for me"?

Good question.

By following my "SALES FUNNEL BONANZA COACHING" you'll be able to seeEXACTLY how I manage to set up my PAID traffic sales funnels.

These will BECOME your automated PROFIT PUMPS that will ALLOW YOU to turn your BACK on FREE traffic methods for good, give you the POWER to PAY for your traffic almost at will and build a HUGE TARGETED & responsive list 10 times FASTER than any latest FAD free traffic method out there online.

And YOU know what that means right?

YES you end up with a HUGE LASER TARGETED list that you can monetize and create unlimited REPEAT incomes from online.

Not only that...

...These cheeky little sales funnel systems ALLOW ME to get HIGH QUALITY TARGETED PAID traffic at EXTREMELY low prices and in most cases it doesn't even cost a single dime.

I'm going to SHOW YOU exactly how to do this using my "SALES FUNNEL BONANZA COACHING"

Here's some of the 'HIDDEN GEMS' you'll receive inside:

  • SUPER FAST list building strategies that allow you to COMBINE PAID TRAFFIC sources with these sales funnels that can literally be set up using my PROVEN FORMULA in just hours from now.
  • COMPLETE A-Z proven business model that WON'T LEAVE YOU BROKE every time you PAY for your traffic, doesn't rely on EXHAUSTING FREE traffic methods like SEO, CRAZY Google updates or Affiliates to bring in anything close to a regular income online.
  • Put an END to your SUFFERING from complete Information Overload, no idea of which direction you need to go with your business and FINALLY break the cycle of making NO SALES or seeing very little returns on your investment.

Why am I willing to share this information with you TODAY?


...Because setting up successful PAID TRAFFIC SALES funnels can be really EASY once you know how.

PLUS......I'm SICK & TIRED of seeing SO MANY people come online and spend years of their lives wasted away on FREE traffic methods that DON'T WORK!

And probably MOST IMPORTANT of all...

...I know how VITAL it is for YOU to be able to have COMPLETE CONTROL over your traffic which will allow you to PROGRESS with your business not only over the next coming days......but for the next MONTHS & even YEARS beyond!

Many people think that my sales funnels are way too complicated for them to set up for themselves.

That couldn't be further from the TRUTH.

I've been around for a fair few years now and because I have SO MANY things going on in my OVERALL business sales funnel model doesn't mean that YOU have to ALL of these pieces in place right away.

You could have just a FRACTION of what I've set up in your business and see MASSIVE RESULTS online in a very short space of time.

And I'm going to SHOW YOU HOW!!!

My methods range from 100% FREE traffic methods (YES they DO WORK) for those who are on a pretty tight budget...

...Right through to the LIGHTENING FAST methods for those of YOU who are EAGER tobuild your lists at WARP SPEED.

I'm 100% CONVINCED that my "SALES FUNNEL BONANAZA COACHING" can make all the difference to your current level of results you're seeing right now from your business.

Is this a typical B.S. No work involved type method - NO!

Can I just sit back and not have to think about anything with this method - NO!

But by the end of this PROVEN SALES FUNNEL FORMULA you'll know EVERYTHING there is you need to know about running successful sales funnels that YOU have complete control over.


It's SIMPLE, it's EASY to duplicate and it WORKS.

Okay so the decision is now over to you. Do YOU NEED to know more?



  • You're still scratching your head because it seems that EVERYONE ELSE is absolutely CRUSHING it with their sales funnels but YOU just can't seem to get it right and have yet to make a SINGLE PROFIT off the back of them.


  • You're still SPINNING YOUR WHEELS trying to make all of those TIME SUCKING FREE traffic methods work and you know deep down that you're living on borrowed time.


  • You know it's time to start looking at alternative traffic methods because your current business model FORCES YOU to rely on your sites rankings even after another multitude of CRAZY GOOGLE updates could take your business DOWN at any moment without any prior WARNING!


  • You're stuck in a RUT thinking and HOPING that there is that FAIRY DUST PRODUCT out there that will bring you all the RICHES YOU could ever wish for online.




  • You've always dreamed of owning a MASSIVE SUPER LIST that you can GROW at a rate you never even thought possible and allows you to SEE YOUR INCOMES EXPLODE alongside those numbers every time you send out a recommendation to your subscribers.


  • You would like to rise every morning safe in the knowledge that you can grow your lists and incomes online at the drop of a hat and also KNOW EXACTLY what it is YOU NEED TO DO to make incomes ON DEMAND from the business that you are now 100% IN CONTROL OF!


  • You wish to own a WELL OILED sales machine (SALES FUNNEL BONANAZA COACHING shows you how) that will take away over 98% of the CONFUSION you currently have about building successful sales funnels online and will allow you to build your lists and make money online even whilst you are SLEEPING.


 You really are GETTING A PROVEN tested business model here that will give you theCLARITY and FREEDOM you desire to be able to COMPLETELY CONTROL...

...The traffic YOU BUY, how many LEADS & new BUYERS you wish to add into your business and of course HOW BIG YOU really want your monthly incomes to become.

Then FEEL FREE to test drive this package today that will give you all this & much more in terms of seeing consistent results online using a PROVEN TESTED formula that WORKS!


I'm really EXCITED to making this a breakthrough & SUCCESSFUL YEAR for you starting TODAY!

Taco Verhoef 

This Coaching Offer Is Designed For YOU.

Sure I could very well sell a coaching program or workshop based on these materials you are seeing right now, and charge $4,997 per head. Really. A lot of marketing gurus are doing that today, some charging even in the $10,000 - $25,000 per head for their marketing secrets!

Fortunately, it won't cost you anywhere near that amount.

That means there's no need for me to put a hefty $4,997 price tag on my time, or a $1997 price tag even because you don't have to wait for me to ship any tangible course to your doorstep. I will however give you a lot of my valuable time.

So the fee for this email and webinar coaching is yours for only $1997.00 $1497.00 $997.00 $297

If you act this week  only 197 after that price is up to 297 watch the timer when it hits zero, time's up.

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